LIFE and maybe beyond

Bold, because I have small problems, with the small letters on the computer.  My life has many different stages and locations.  One, birth   –  two, childhood – three, young adult – four,  adult –  five, senior years.  Born in a southern state on a military base.  The base is currently used as a Octoberfest  for the local chamber of commerce.  The hospital on the base that I was born in, is no longer there. Childhood, in a northern city.  Now one of the worst due to the crime rate, and continuing crime rate.  Can’t even visit, for fear of losing my life.  Great memories,  great friends  can’t ask for more than that. Then it is military duty, and that has its own stories and memories.  First flight, followed by 2nd flight failing.  3rd flight, reschedule of 2nd, and a surprise from my old Major.  Did everything the Major, my current one at the time, did on first flight.  Except I managed to go to the cockpit and sit.  Then it was actually FLY the C 130 aircraft. As I have always said when I tell that story, if only the fellow Marines, going back to our duty station,  had any idea, who was flying the plane for about 2 or 3 minutes.   Next duty station was the Pentagon. My official duty station was Head Quarters Marine Corps, Arlington, Va.  but my duty area was the Pentagon.  And I was attached to the Department of Defense.  I was familiar with the details after the plane crash in 2001.  I will end it there for now.  


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